Ace Paint Estimator

Irregular Room Estimator

Enter the length of the perimeter, the height of the walls, and whether the ceiling is to be painted.
Room Dimensions:
   Length (A):
ft.  in.
   Length (B):
ft.  in.
   Wall Height:
ft.  in.
   Painting Ceiling:
Yes  No
If you are painting the ceiling please include dimensions for the following:
   Length (C):
ft.  in.
   Length (D):
ft.  in.

Enter the following information about doors, windows and other areas you don't want to paint.
Window Areas:
   # of small windows (10 sq. ft.):

   # of large windows (25 sq. ft.):

Door Areas:
   # of single doors (20 sq. ft.):

   # of double doors (40 sq. ft.):

Other Areas:
   Other areas not to be painted (sq. ft.):

Enter the number of coats of Ace paint you will be applying.
Paint Coats:
   # of coats: